Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to make a good looking bed

Whether or not we make the bed each morning is literally the only thing that my boyfriend and I consistently banter about. In his mind, we’re just going to mess it up later anyway so it’s a waste of time. But as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more satisfying than climbing your way into a picture perfect bed each and every night. It feels fresh, it feels fancy, and it’s truly the best way to finish the day.

1. Start with the best mattress you can afford – this is the make or break starting point for the perfect bed!
2. If your bed frame has wheels, grab a couple of non-slip furniture cups so you don’t have to worry about your bed traveling all over the room.
4. Be sure to iron your bedskirt before laying it on the boxspring or steam it once on your frame. When it is centered, use pins like these to secure it in place.
5. A great mattress cover adds that extra layer of cushiness and protects the mattress. Use corner fasteners or safety pins to keep your mattress pad from bunching up. For a real splurge top the mattress cover with a feather topper. When it comes to toppers you get what you pay for. A little extra somethin-somethin can be had for around $50-100 but the premium varieties can cost upwards of $250
1. Buy the best sheets you can afford so that slipping into bed feels just as delicious as it looks.
2 It’s not always thread count that matters. While threadcount has long been used to determine how soft or unsoft, how luxuries or cheap a sheet is, it’s definitely not the end all be all. Check the type of materials used as well – often a variety of cotton, linen or even polyester and other fiber blends like rayon are used.
GOLD STANDARD: Egyptian Cotton | Sea Island Cotton | Pima Cotton
Remember that while thread count can be important – particularly in the blends – the better cottons will naturally feel softer and more luxurious even at a lower thread count. Some of the highest thread count sheets feel stiff and not at all splurge worthy so make sure that if you are going to spend money either feel your sheets or read a good number of reviews.
3. Don’t skimp on your pillowcases! Pay the same homage to materials as you do the sheets that you climb into. King bed Frame